The Sober Bartender
Hutch is the most rad sober bartender you’ve ever met, and he’s going on 4 years strong without booze. When he’s not bartending, you’ll find him coaching high school football, jammin’ out to vinyl records, or doing literally anything outside. Oh yeah, and he also manages all things social media for RationAle. Hutch is paving his own wild path every day, and is a living, breathing manifestation of what it means to be a true maverick. Keep doing you, boss.
The Action Enthusiast
Chris is a broadcast play-by-play expert for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and other action sports. His favorite job, though, is being a rad dad to two teenage boys. When he’s not surfing, skating, playing music, DJ’ing, or making art, he’s probably creating content for RationAle while throwin’ back a cold NA. Also an investor in RationAle, he’s a total enthusiast - The only time you’ll see him without a can in his hand is if he’s picking a guitar or out in the water shredding.
The College Legend
Tyler goes to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and he’s in a big frat on campus. Surrounded by the social norm of constant partying, he’s mastered the art of having a damn good time and being a total badass, while still drinking his way. You know that the mini fridge in his college apartment is stocked full of RationAle (and we can’t forget his other fav, Deschutes Fresh Haze). Whether ABV or NA, he can shotgun one in 3 seconds flat. Say hi to Tyler the next time you see him stocking shelves or scoping out hot new retailers when he’s hangin’ in SD for the summer!
The Sales Hunter
Billy loves nothing more than the hunt of the sale. And he enjoys selling nothing more than a non-alcoholic beer that not only pours and tastes like a classic brew, but makes a positive impact on entire communities as they change their approach to drinking. If you’re out west, you might just catch a glimpse of this sales stud driving like mad on the open road, covering 6,000 miles a month, closing accounts left and right, and slugging back RationAles. Keep your eyes peeled.
The Media Maven
Jess is a proud RationAle partner, founder of her own performance PR firm, and co-founder of a sleep wellness company. She’s a total people person and she’s a ray of real-life sunshine. She’s always down for a wild adventure, especially if it has anything to do with being outside in either of her fav places, CA or CO. She fills her cup up with a hearty dose of fun and good vibes…and plenty of RationAle. Jess has all the fun, drinks all the beer, and is fired up to do ALL the things. Cheers to our ultimate Renaissance woman!
The Community Badass
Mike was a firefighter (aka total badass, real life hero) and is super involved in the Santa Barbara community. Drinking was deeply engrained in the fire culture as a way to cope with the hardships and to celebrate successes. Mike envisions a future where all of his bros and sisters in the fire service are kicking back with a RationAle at night, but can still get out there and save lives the next morning. Turning that dream a reality, you’ll find him all over SB spreading the word about RationAle and getting cans in people’s hands.
The Burger Rebel
Clemente was born in Chile and started a bangin’ reggae band that made it all the way to America’s Got Talent Chile. And if that isn’t legendary enough, he also went to theater school and starred in tele novellas. After getting a bachelor’s degree, learning English, moving to the US and all across the country, now he’s livin’ it up in San Diego and making music in his very own studio. Channeling a family passion for cooking, he also started Buenas Burgers with his brother, Jose. They’re making the best damn vegan burgers in the world, and they collab with RationAle at events just about every weekend. Name a better combo than a fantastic burger and an ice cold brew…We’ll wait.
The Reptile Rescuer
Claire is a big time paddle boarder and kayaker. You’ll also find her in her urban garden (always barefoot, of course), or watering her 200 indoor plants - watering can in one hand, cold RationAle in the other. She rescues reptiles and has 2 bearded dragons, 3 leopard geckos and a Russian tortoise. And 2 chihuahuas. Talk about the ultimate drinking buddies… Catch Claire demoing RationAle all over Oregon! She’s always got a smile on her face, and on special days she might even have a bearded dragon on her shoulder. If you’re lucky.
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