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18pk West Coast IPA + 6pk of Cerveza

$55.99 $41.99
Free your 4th with an 18-pack of our classic West Coast IPA with balanced hops and subtle pine notes, and get an additional 6-pack of Mexican Cerveza for free!
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In the United States the FDA considers anything that ranges from 0.0% to 0.5% ABV a “non-alcoholic beer,” even though it may have small traces of alcohol. RationAle beer will always contain less than .5% alcohol, regardless of beer style.
No, like most beers, Rationale is NOT Gluten Free, as beer typically contains wheat, rye, or barley. In RationAle’s case, our beers contain barley to maintain the true craft beer flavor, in addition to water, hops and yeast.
RationAle beers are generally low-calorie, low-carb, and low sugar, particularly compared to alcoholic beers - our beers range from just 40-70 calories per 12oz can! Check out the nutrition labels on each beer's product pages for exact amounts.
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